Account Billing Services is your outsource for maintenance and follow-up for your patients/clients who are on payment plans. This is a low-cost service that allows you to focus on the needs of your office and not your outstanding account receivables.

Our program is designed to help you manage accounts that are not paid in full at time of service, but not yet ready to be placed for collection. Your patients/clients are reminded of the importance of making payments and helped with reasonable payment plans that they can manage.

We will substantially reduce your office overhead and increase your office efficiency when you rely on us early in your process of recovering open accounts. It is well known that telephone calls generate payments much faster than a written notice. To maximize results for you, we use a planned calling campaign.


  • Helps you maintain a positive relationship with your patients/clients
  • Reduces your office overhead expenses
  • Low-cost solution
  • Returns capital to you quickly
  • Increases your office efficiency
I began to take Lasix for about three years ago because I realized that swelling after the excessive consumption of water went away very slowly by the morning. After reading the annotation to the drug, I realized that this drug washes away useful micronutrients from the body, which can cause problems. But this did not frighten me (because the action of furosemide was very effective), on the contrary, prompted to decide how to use this drug to make it safe for the body.